FAQ Top Ten Questions

Why should I hire a pest control service why not do the work myself?

Many chemicals available at retailers have a shorter residual effect on targeted pests. The pesticides that our technicians use can last up to 60 days so that we may provide continuous control between our service periods.

Are the products you treat with safe to both humans and pets?

Heartland Pest Control uses environmentally friendly pesticides, baits, and traps along with integrated pest management techniques that will give our customers effective results with less use of chemical.

What if I am pregnant or have a weakened immune system?

Although product labels indicate that the pesticides are safe for pregnant or ailing conditions, as a precaution we would ask the person or persons to leave the premises for a recommended period of time.

After our service we couldn’t smell "BUG SPRAY."

We want you to have a comfortable environment. Heartland Pest Control uses products with minimal to no odor.

Will you come back after my regular service if I see a pest reoccur?

A slight increase in activity is not unusual immediately after service. We will return at no charge if the activity lasts for several days.

After my initial service, when will you do follow up service?

Our services are based on your individual needs, however most residential plans are serviced on an every other month basis. Contact us if service is needed before scheduled visit.

Do I need service that often?

To enable Heartland Pest Control to provide the best service available based on pesticides we use we need to visit customers on a regular basis.

I don‘t know what kind of bug I’m having troubles with?

A Heartland Pest Control certified technician can identify a pest for you during your regular service.

How do I know if I have termites?

A Heartland Pest Control certified technician needs to conduct a thorough inspection of your home to determine if there is evidence of termites.

How often does my house need to be inspected for termites?

Inspections are recommended once a year.



… and others pests.